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Published: December 3, 2022


National Dice Day Specials

National Dice Day Specials

Another National Dice Day Sale is upon us! From tetrahedrons(d4) to zocchihedrons(d100) and beyond, dice provide a necessary element of luck—or lack thereof—that adds suspense and variety to our tabletop experiences.

While the exact origin of National Dice Day is not known, we certainly agree they deserve a little recognition. After all, dice have been around for thousands of years, and it’s certainly the most commonly owned gaming item.  So lets take a look at how you can celebrate, our flash Dice Sale, and some fresh Dice collections to peruse. Let’s roll!a horizontal lineup of d6 dice featuring logos for Noble Knight Games

Celebrate Dice Day

What can you do to celebrate this momentous holiday and pay homage to your little polyhedrons?

  • Grab some family or friends and play some games! From Yahtzee to Dungeons & Dragons, there are certainly plenty of options.
  • Teach a youngster about dice, and how probability works. More little facts: The dots on dice are called pips. Most dice today are made from plastic or resin, but thousands of years ago, the oldest dice were made from bones, antlers, wood, and even teeth! Dice have been crafted from wood, metal, ceramics, glass, stone, and more.
  • Clean & organize your dice hoard! When was the last time you sanitized your dice or washed your dice bag?
  • Add benevolent randomness to the world – give a die to a stranger, or leave one somewhere it might be found and marveled at, like a park bench or in the break room at work.
  • Host a dice exchange with your tabletop gaming friends! It’s a fun way to add even more randomness to your collection.
  • Roll dice to determine your own real life actions. Can’t decide what to make for dinner? Having trouble picking a movie to watch? Make a list and roll for your choice.
  • Gift yourself or your loved ones a beautiful dice set this holiday season. To help with that, onward to the Dice Day Sale!

National Dice Day Specials

December 4th is official National Dice Day! A full 24 hours to honor our favorite randomizers! To help celebrate the day, we’re dropping the prices on the dices, all day long. (Yes, we know the singular of dice is die. But “prices of dices” is funnier and less ominous than “buy a die,” don’t you think?)

On Sunday, you’ll find:

  • DISCOUNTS Save on all the dice on our website – including RPG dice, classic dice, War Game faction dice, unusual dice and more.
  • FREE DICE All orders over $149 that are placed through today will receive a free set of Noble Knight Games d6s, even if the order does not contain dice!
  • FAST SHIPPING Don’t forget, orders over $149 also qualify for free shipping within the continental USA!

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Some Featured Dice & Sets

Onward, to the many dice! We know, we have a lot of dice. (There’s no such thing as too many dice, right?) But, with thousands of choices, there’s a lot to take in. We put together some fresh Collections to help you browse through some of the most popular dice requests!

knight rolling


Here’s a sneak peak at some diverse bits of our wide selection to whet your appetite!

Thanks to Nikki, our resident Dice Master here at Noble Knight Games for recommendations for the featured dice.

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