Game Spotlights

Published: June 20, 2021

Andrew B.

Wisconsin & Dungeons & Dragons

Wisconsin in Gaming History

Wisconsin has a special relationship with games. From our strong and vibrant gaming culture to our historic claims to fame as the birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons, Wisconsin is a hotbed of gaming activity.

The Madison area is home to one of the highest concentration of game stores per capita. More game designers call Wisconsin home than you would expect. One of the largest table top game distributors in the world calls Madison area home. And so does Noble Knight Games – The World’s Largest Selection of Games!

In this video, Andrew (Noble Knight Games’ own Tsar of RPGs) gives a brief overview of what Dungeons & Dragons is all about, the variety of Role Playing Games available on the market today. After that, a look at Wisconsin’s place in gaming history. Hint: it’s more than just Euchre!

You’ll see how Wisconsin has shaped the gaming world, from Lake Geneva and GenCon and beyond, and why games hold a special place in the hearts of Wisconsinites.